Company name R&C INC.
CEO Yuichi Ishikawa
Head Office 1-61-4, Nishigahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0024, Japan
TEL & FAX 03-3917-1392
Incorporation November 9, 2019
Capital JPY 1 million
Main Business Partners Aitec System Co., Ltd. / Ushio Lighting, Inc. / Ushio America, Inc.
Hi-Lax Electric Corporation / Phoenix Electric Co., Ltd.
Future Electronics Co., Ltd. / Prince Electric Co., Ltd.
Possible Inc. / Mitorica Co., Ltd. / Unity Co., Ltd.
Ryoyo Electro Corporation / Asahi Spectra Co., Ltd.
Eiwa Electric Co., Ltd. / Kahoku Lighting Solutions Corporation
Kawakami Kogyo Corporation / Beamax Co., Ltd.
Koto Electric Co., Ltd. / Higuchi Inc.
Fuji Electric Lamp Industrial Co., Ltd. / DN Lighting Co., Ltd.



Create AKARI library salon


1.Thoroughly investigate the AKARI to provide solutions to our customers.

2.Collect and organize literatures and articles for AKARI.

3.Create an atmosphere for people to gather at R&C to discuss AKARI


Traditional AKARI

Lead AKARI's "wealth" and "happiness" by leaning from the past

Corporate Message

We provide AKARI to customers supported by global specialty lighting manufacturing partners.
Our strength is in the new demands, development and replacement.

We supply more than visible light, from IR for heat source to UV for sterilization and photo chemical reactions, regardless of size and shapes.

Recent lamp demand decrease triggered uncertainty of lamp materials supply continuity. R&C supplies raw materials for lamp production to our customers.

At the same time, R&C offers LED and LED packaging to meet energy saving concerns.

Please contact R&C for your light bulb, LED, materials and peripheral devices demand!